Spilanthox Therapy

Discover the Spilanthox-effect

Spilanthox therapy is the first natural active ingredient cosmetic that contains specially isolated Spilanthol and Acmella Oleracea extract in high dosage as well as low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acids.

It provides a purely natural way of :

  • Instant facial expression smoothing,
  • Instant lifting effects
  • and sustainable care results.

You will look more refreshed and shining youthful. Extraordinary fragrance compositions enchant and directly promote your relaxation and good mood. Inspire yourself by the Spilanthox effect!

Your "Bio-Botox" care line, that really work!


Up tp 56% wrinkle reduction already after 15 minutes


Up to 82% wrinkle reduction after only 4 weeks

Spilanthox therapy

“Spilanthox therapy is a real inspiration for me.”

Our brand ambassador H.R.H. Elna princess of Bentheim and Steinfurt

As for Nikki Benett health, balanced nutrition and natural cosmetics are close to princess Elna’s heart, who is a mother of two, working mum and author of the books ‘Skin Secrets’ and ‘Anti Ageing Food’. Both power women are absolutely family-focused and they also incorporate their love of animals. The two mothers and workaholics find serenity and strength in nature. That’s why H.R.H. Elna princess of Bentheim and Steinfurt is the perfect partner for Spilanthox therapy. Talking about cosmetic products, the princess is especially interested in their anti-ageing effect, but even more in natural ingredients and formulas, which is exactly what Spilanthox therapy offers.

‘Spilanthox therapy products were a revelation; the instant effect really astonished me’, says H.R.H. Elna princess of Bentheim and Steinfurt, who is impressed by the products. Her favourite product is the Extreme Night Repair, which ensures a fresh look and smooth, unwrinkled skin even after short nights.

Delivering the best and highest possible quality, that’s what Bentley and Spilanthox are all about. For some time now, our two companies have been working together as premium partners and now Bentley celebrates its 100th anniversary. Quality ensures long-term existence! That’s why we from spilanthox want to express our sincere congratulations to Bentley