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What is so extraordinary about Spilanthox therapy?

Spilanthox therapy is the first skin care range ever to contain a high concentration of specially isolated spilanthol. Highly concentrated acmella oleracea (extract of paracress) and short- and long-chain hyaluronic acids also effectively treat the skin: natural active substances in a maximum concentration for maximum smoothing power!

This probably makes Spilanthox therapy the first natural cosmetic with active substances that immediately provides noticeable and visible results and makes a lasting impression. Additional natural substances such as grape seed oil, olive oil, aloe vera, natural squalane and Vitamin C make your skin appear well-nourished, more balanced and youthful.

Since we are also animal-rights activists, animal testing for our products is completely out of the question! As a manufacturer of cosmetic products, we feel committed to boycotting any kind of animal testing and set an example. We are animal-rights activists and want to provide a good role model.

Your ‘organic Botox’ skincare that actually works!

Products for young and old from Spilanthox therapy

Our products make you more beautiful, radiant and happier.
You too can get the ‘Spilanthox effect’ with its special mode of action and unique, wonderful scents. Let yourself be surprised …

Daily Aloe Skin Wash

Gentle wash gel also suitable for sensitive skin with organic aloe vera, almond oil and vitamin E.
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Delivery System Cleanser

The facial cleanser reduces pores, clarifies, regulates the PH value and tones the skin*.
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Good Morning Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer

Anti-ageing skin care for daily use – our face cream.
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Extreme Night Repair

Anti-ageing skin care for every day: The moisturising face cream with spilanthol.
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Cream Rich Hyper-Sensitive

Extremely rich skin care for hyper-sensitive or very dry skin
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Ultra Rich Eye-Lifting Fluid

Intensively nourishing eye fluid – effective against expression lines* and stimulates collagen synthesis.
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High-Potency Facelift Booster

Serum with high-dose spilanthol instantly softens expression lines*.
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Direct Wrinkle Stop

Maximum-dose intensive serum for long-lasting wrinkle reduction*
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Facesplash Anti-Ageing “To Go”

Nourishing anti-ageing product ‘to go’ in a convenient atomiser.
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Ultimate Pore Refining Gel

Intensive special treatment with spilanthol against pimples, impurities and enlarged pores, for an even skin tone.
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Magic Touch Anti-Ageing BB Cream

Fresh, radiant glow with Anti-Ageing BB Cream.
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2 in 1 Coffee Peeling & Mask

Firming*, nourishing peeling mask with real coffee powder for velvety soft skin.
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Pure Enzyme Peeling Powder

Removes dead skin cells and excess sebum.
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Travel Kit

Convenient mini sizes: Extreme Night Repair (30ml) + Daily Aloe Skin Wash (30 ml) and a free jar for your favourite product
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Spilanthox Magazine

Fascinating insights and exclusive feel-good tips. Experience the world of the Spilanthox family.
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Spilanthox Med

Virucidal hand sanitiser spray with protective glycerine. Approved biocide – also effective against the COVID-19 virus.
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*clinical efficacy study testing of immediate and longterm results, Dermatest 2018 & 2019/2020.