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Happy comments from our dear Spilanthox family

I love the entire range... in fact, I’m ADDICTED to it. Spilanthox is a MUST HAVE. Wherever I have an opportunity, whether I’m shopping or on Facebook, I rave about the scent, the efficiency and the incredible in-depth effect; the products are almost MAGICAL. And enough sleep, a bit of fitness, 2.5 litres of water/day, a vegan diet and a good mindset help keep you young. PS: I always ask people to guess my age, it’s the best selling point (no one’s ever guessed I’m 60, most think I’m in my early 40s).
(60 Years young)
I’m so glad and happy with Spilanthox! I had really difficult skin and since I’ve started using your products, there’s been a huge improvement. Hardly any more blemishes, firm and fresh! I tried so many things before, even with prescriptions. Nothing has helped as much as Spilanthox. Thank you so much for this.
This is the first time I’ve ever had the urge to write to someone, whether it’s about fashion, cosmetics or another manufacturer of any product. I’ve tried so many creams in the past, including some good ones, but your product is really incredible! A friend of mine actually discovered you and recommended you, so of course I tried it. Even during the first application, I had such a great feeling, for the first time ever, and I was immediately happy with it. What a great scent, it makes you instantly happy and you just want to climb into the jar. Not to mention that the effect is truly fantastic and makes you feel amazing. Really awesome, like I said, I already tried everything, starting with the most expensive things available, where La Mer convinced me in the end, but I switched to your product. It’s unbeatable at a really good price. Thank you for the great feeling!
Hello, dear Spilanthox team! Hello, Nikki, I want to express a big compliment to you and thank you. I feel that I’ve finally found my perfect skincare range. All products are so great, I won’t use anything else again. My skin looks lovely! 1000% recommendation! I’m looking forward to future products. A body lotion would be great. Warm regards, Birgit
(53 Years young)