BB Cream mit Verpackung

Magic Touch Anti-Ageing BB Cream

Magic Glow

  • Anti-Ageing BB Cream adjusts to the individual skin tone to provide a fresh, radiant complexion!
  • Uses light-reflecting pigments (mineral-based, microplastics-free) to give skin an enchanting glow for youthful radiance.
  • Valuable spilanthol and short- and long-chain hyaluronic acids instantly smooth expression lines* and reduce wrinkles*.
  • Also suitable for very dry and sensitive skin.
  • Premium oils give you peachy soft, smooth skin.

Skin type: All skin types. Also suitable for sensitive, easily irritated skin.

Application: Apply to fingertips each morning after cleansing and spread evenly over face and neck as usual.

50 ml | EUR 29,95

Your ‘organic Botox’ skincare that actually works!

*Dermatest study in 2018, short- and long-term effects of the product series were tested