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Welcome to the Spilanthox family

As the founder of Spilanthox therapy, I have been fascinated by nature ever since my childhood, when my grandmother taught me how to use herbs to make creams and healing tinctures. I found it so intriguing that nature seems to offer a solution for every problem! So my greatest wish for many years was to find natural ingredients that can make people more beautiful, radiant and, of course, healthier and happier. And always bearing in mind that nature and our resources need to be handled respectfully. My guiding principle was very clear:

we only have one planet and we each only have one body. We should treat both of these with extreme responsibility – because they are irreplaceable.

After over a decade of working in the marketing sector, my health was struck by a severe blow of fate and after a long recovery period, this prompted me to finally follow my heart: to do something good, bring joy to other people and work ‘with nature’. For a few years, I focused on biochemical processes in the body, natural raw materials, herbs, plants and holistic medicine. By chance, I discovered the active ingredient spilanthol. I started working with experts in a laboratory to develop what I believed were the perfect, purely natural anti-ageing cosmetics, which would not only offer a fresher and younger appearance but also create a better mood. Skincare products that would offer real, visible results without any chemicals, and with a happiness factor.

Despite all the obstacles that had to be overcome, my heart’s desire and vision of perfect, natural cosmetics with active ingredients became reality.

The result is Spilanthox therapy, the first ever skincare products to contain high-dose, specially isolated spilanthol, a natural active ingredient derived from paracress (acmella oleracea). Revolutionary anti-ageing skincare that simply makes you happier.

I’m now very pleased to present you this highly effective, special treatment to instantly smooth expression lines* and get magnificent skincare results*. Spilanthox therapy has already made many women (even those with skin problems) more radiant, beautiful and thus happier – and this with a clear conscience. Spilanthox therapy is dedicated to all women – every single one of you is amazing, strong and beautiful!

My team and I look forward to welcoming you to the Spilanthox family!

Your Nikki Benett