Our Story

Welcome to the Spilanthox-Family

Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by nature. It was from my grandmother that I learnt how to make creams and healing tinctures from herbs. It is wonderful that nature offers a solution for everything. And it has therefore been my greatest wish for many years to find a natural complex of ingredients that would exhibit visible anti-ageing results. I became involved in biochemistry and natural ingredients. Then, I finally found a professional partner that was able to support me with its 30 years of expertise in achieving my vision of the perfect, natural cosmetic with active ingredients. The result is Spilanthox therapy, using high-dosage, specially isolated Spilanthol for the very first time. I am now delighted to be able to introduce you to these highly effective care products with an instant lifting effect. Spilanthox will make many women more radiant, more beautiful and hence happier – and all of this with a clear conscience. Yours, Nikki Benett